Rock Bouncer Gears

No group is harder on ring and pinion gears than Rock Bouncers. When you have 800 horsepower turning chrome moly axle shafts and 43" tires, you need Crown Race Gears to handle that abuse.

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Ultra4 Racing Gears

Hardcore rock crawling and high speed desert racing are a brutal combination. Ultra4 races are won in the desert and lost in the rocks which is why Crown Race Gears are made strong and efficient.

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Rock Crawling Gears

When percision driving isn't enough, it takes power and wheel speed which can cause gear-killing shock loads. That is why Crown Race Gears are made twice as resistant to shock loads than other gears.

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Trail Running Gears

Whether you run a Jeep JK on 35s or a custom tube chassis crawler on 43" stickies, Crown Race Gears give you the confidence to run hard without worrying about trip-ending ring and pinion failures.

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Ring and Pinion Gear Features

American Made
Engineered and Treated in the USA

Crown Race Gears are cryogenically treated, shot peened, REM ISF finished, and quality control tested in the USA.

Cryogenically Treated

Crown Race Gears are cryogenically treated for 100% better durability and 30-50% higher strength.

Shot Peening
Two-Stage Shot Peened

Crown Racing Gears go through two shot peening procedures that double the fatigue life of each gear.

REm ISF Superfinish
REM ISF (Isotropic Superfinish)

Crown Race Gears are REM ISF treated for reduced friction, further improved durability, and no break-in period.

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Crown Race Gears in Competition

  • Ultra4 Racing
  • Southern Rock Racing
  • SCORE International
  • Dakar
  • W.E.Rock