About Crown Race Gears

Company History

Crown Race Gears is a family owned company founded in 2015 by Ben Brazda along with his father Pavel and brother Steve. The concept started when Ben, the owner of Filthy Motorsports, was diligently researching ring and pinion brands and discovered that while every manufacturer claimed to be the best, none could provide any information beyond what their sales brochures said. After a few years of dealing with numerous sales reps and visiting with all major manufacturers, he eventually discovered that almost all of the top high performance gear manufacturers today are selling you the exact same gears.

The truth is that there are only a handful of ring and pinion gear manufacturers in the world with the biggest ones being in Korea, India, Italy, and the US. If you look closely at the marking on the gears, you'll notice that the gear sold by the budget brand will be identical to that sold by the expensive performance gear brand. The more expensive brands normally offer a better warranty, tech support, and service while the cheaper brands will be just a set of gears in a box, yet in the end the performance will be same.

With that discovery, and hopes of possibly bringing a true race gear to the market, Ben reached out to his father, Pavel, who just so happens to be one of the top gear design and gear grinding engineers in the country having worked with many well known companies on private as well as military projects. It took almost 2 years of research, development, setup, testing, analysis, and countless meetings, but the end result was a ring and pinion gear set that is independently proven to be significantly stronger, tougher, and more efficient than any other automotive gear set available on the market today.

The proof of concept showed that the new ring and pinion gears were ready for production so Ben reached out to his brother, an ISO 9001 certified auditor in the aerospace industry to have him develop the production process in compliance within ISO 9001 guidelines. That process, along with lining up suppliers and working out the logistics took another year during which multiple production ready gear sets had been undergoing real world testing in Dustin Isenhour's Ultra4 Car and the Filthy Motorsports 80 Series Land Cruiser.

Having proved themselves in the laboratory, completed a full Ultra4 race season, and survived a year of severe trail abuse, the gears were cleared for production and the company was finally introduced as Crown Race Gears in Novermber, 2017.

The Crown Race Gears Team