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Gear Packaging

To protect our gears from damage during storage and shipping, Crown Race Gears uses heavy duty, dual wall, blow-molded, chemical resistant plastic cases with custom cut internal foam padding. The cases feature a solid handle, two high quality latches, and a pair of punched tabs that can be used to zip-tie the case closed for added protection. Each gear is then placed inside corrosion resistant VCI poly bags to protect the bearing journals and ring gear bolt threads that are not REM ISF finished and to act as a dust barrier.

The case itself can then be used to safely store the old ring and pinion gear set that you are replacing (we highly recommend re-using the VCI bags for this), or you can remove the foam padding from the case and use it as a tool box, to store spare parts, or protect expensive electronic equipment.

For shipping, the case is placed securely into a generic cardboard box for added protection and discretion, as well as to make storage and stacking easier for our distributors.

Custom Gear Case

*If you have lost your case, or would like to order a spare, please contact us.

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