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Crown Race Gear Sponsored Racers

Dustin Isenhour

Dustin Isenhour, Isenhour Motorsports #4472, running Crown Race Gears in Ultra4 Since 2015

Crown Race Gear Sponsorship Program

In addition to our contingency program open to all racers, Crown Race Gears offers full and partial sponsorships to racers and race teams that we feel can promote our brand in-line with our goals. We expect all sponsors to represent our company professionally and provide us with valuable product testing and feedback. If you are interested in a Crown Race Gear sponsorship, please read the program details below and then contact us with your proposal and bio sheet.

Sponsorship Details

The purpose of a sponsorship is to create a relationship whereby Crown Race Gears provides products, financial support, and/or services to help a racer or race team succeed in exchange for brand exposure (TV, web, social media), product testing and feedback, as well as media (photographs and video) that we can use for marketing purposes.

Crown Race Gears receives many request for sponsorship by individuals with impressive vehicles and/or a significant social media audience, however, sponsorship requires much more than that. Our best sponsored racers are working nonstop promoting themselves, their race team, and our products by racing, attending shows, earning media coverage, posting on social media, talking to fans and other racers, and networking with other professionals in the industry. They send us race updates, product reviews and feedback, photos, videos, and regularly reach out to us asking what more they can do to promote our brand. These are the qualities we look for when reviewing sponsorship opportunities and this is the type of sponsor that benefits most from our sponsorship program.

To apply for sponsorship, please contact us with your proposal and bio sheet.