Crown Race Gears / Contingency Program

Crown Race Gear Contingency Program

Crown Race Gears are engineered specifically for racing and we work very closely with racers in all forms of motorsports from drag racing to rock bouncing. We expect all of our customers and sponsored racers to push our gears to the limits and provide us with data that we use to continuously improve our gears and test new technologies and treatments.

To encourage our customers to push their equipment as hard as possible, Crown Race Gears has a generous contingency program that pays cash rewards for podium finishes and championship wins in almost all on and off-road racing competitions and events around the world. For contingency details or to sign up for the program, please read the rules and requirements below and then contact us to get registered.

Contingency Program Rules and Requirements

To qualify for the Crown Race Gears contingency program, your vehicle and driver or race team must meet the following requirements and agree to these terms:

  • The vehicle must use Crown Race Gears in all drive axles.
  • The ring and pinion gear installation must be within specifications and verified.*
  • Crown Race Gear decals or logos must be displaced prominently on each side of the vehicle.
  • Photos of the vehicle at the race must be provided to Crown Race Gears.
  • Upon verification of the race results and approval by Crown Race Gears, payment will be made within 30 days.
  • Crown Race Gears may use racer and team names and/or photos in advertising.
  • Gears must be inspected and maintained according to the Crown Race Gear warranty policy.

* Ring and pinion gear setup verification will also activate the Crown Race Gear 5-Year Race Warranty.

Race Series / Competitions / Events

Crown Race Gears offers contingency support to racers competing in the following series, competitions, and events:

SSRS (Southern Rock Racing Series)
1. Rock Bouncer National Series Championship Winner: $1,500
2. Rock Bouncer National Series Championship 2nd/3rd Place: $750
3. Rock Bouncer North/South Race Winner: $250
4. Rock Bouncer North/South Race 2nd/3rd Place: $100
ULTRA4 & ULTRA4 Europe*
1. 4400 Unlimited Class Championship Winner: $1,500
2. 4400 Unlimited Class Championship 2nd/3rd Place: $750
3. 4400 Unlimited Class King of the Hammers Race Win: $1,500
4. 4400 Unlimited Class King of the Hammers Race 2nd/3rd Place: $500
5. 4400 Unlimited Class Race Winner: $250
6. 4400 Unlimited Class Race 2nd/3rd Place: $100
7. 4500 / 4700 / 4800 Class Championship: $500
8. 4500 / 4700 / 4800 Class Race Win: $250
9. 4500 / 4700 / 4800 Class Race 2nd/3rd Place: $100
*Contact Us for ULTRA4 Europe Contingency
SCORE International Off-Road Racing
1. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Championship Winner: $4,000
2. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Championship 2nd/3rd Place: $2,000
3. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Baja 1000 Race Winner: $2,000
4. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Baja 1000 Race 2nd/3rd Place: $1,000
5. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Baja 500 Race Winner: $1,500
6. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Baja 500 Race 2nd/3rd Place: $750
7. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Race Winner: $300
8. Trophy Truck / Class 1 Race 2nd/3rd Place: $150
9. All Other Classes Race Winner: $200
10. All Other Classes Race 2nd/3rd Place: $100
1. Car / Truck Overall Race Winner: $2,000
2. Car / Truck Overall Race 2nd/3rd Place: $1,000
3. Car / Truck Stage Win: $200
1. Unlimited Series Championship Winner: $1,000
2. Unlimited Series Championship 2nd/3rd Place: $500
3. Pro Mod Series Championship Winner: $500
4. Pro Mod Series Championship 2nd/3rd Place: $250
2. Race Winner: $200
3. Race 2nd/3rd Place: $100
KOH Everyman Challenge / Back Door Challenge
Best In The Desert Off-Road Racing Series
MORE Desert Racing Series
Texas Desert Tacing Association Series
MORR Sportsman Off-Road Racing Series
Tejas Off-Road Racing Association Series
Short Course Off-Road Racing (TORC/LOORRS)
Kenya Rhino Charge / Rally Raid
In addition to race results, Crown Race Gears offers payouts for positive publicity and promotion in magazines, newspapers, popular websites, television, radio, podcasts, social media, and more. Contact us for details.

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