Crown Race Gears / Partnerships

Crown Race Gear Partnerships

In addition to offering the strongest, toughest, and most efficient automotive racing ring and pinion gears on the market, Crown Race Gears works with many race teams, businesses, and groups to create gears for custom applications and develop gear treatment processes for various industries ranging from racing to industrial manufacturing. If you think that Crown Race Gears can help you with your gear project, please contact us.

Filthy Motorsports Drivetrain Shop

Crown Race Gears has partnered with Filthy Motorsports to be their exclusive on-line dealer. Filthy Motorsports is regarded as one of the top off-road racing shops in the country specializing in professional suspension design and tuning as well as drivetrain solutions for race applications. They regularly publish technical articles on Crawlpedia, maintain several helpful websites including and and have many great instructional videos posted on their YouTube channel.