Crown Race Gears / Diesel Drag Racing Gears

Crown Race Gears for Diesel Drag Racing

Diesel Drag Racing Gears

Crown Race Gears are built to handle repetitive hard launches under 4x4 trucks pushing 1,000+ lb./ft. of torque.

Diesel Drag Racing

Diesel drag racing trucks repeatedly push over a thousand pound-feet of torque to all four tires, stressing their drivetrain, axles, differentials, and gears to the limit. During a drag race, the truck produces one major shock load on the gears upon launch followed by additional shock loads at each gear change while all along transferring as much power as possible to the tires. This requires a tough ring and pinion gear core that can absorb the shock loads and an extra hard gear case and smooth surface finish to reduce friction and heat that rob power and hinder acceleration.

Crown Race Gears are made using a steel alloy that is heat treated and then cryogenically treated to be as tough (flexible) as possible to absorb heavy shock loads, yet have a very hard case (surface) for maximum efficiency and a long wearing life. This ideal gear case hardness transition is difficult to achieve, yet it is the key to making a ring and pinion set hold up to years of competitive drag racing or a lifetime of towing and hauling.

To minimize friction and reduce heat and wear, all Crown Race Gears are REM ISF finished for an aerospace grade smooth surface that, when lubricated with the correct race-weight full-synthetic gear lube, reduces power loss at the gears by almost 40%. This means that more power gets transferred through to the tires allowing for faster acceleration, higher top speeds, and lower ETs.

Over repeated use, micro-fractures become the main cause of gear failure in drag racing application and that is why Crown Race Gears go through two separate shot peening sessions that increase the gear density at the gear tooth roots. This process has shown to improve the usable life of gears by about 75%, and has become a standard requirement for most aerospace components.

By maximizing gear toughness, creating a desirable case hardness transition, shot peening the tooth roots, and ISF Superfinishing, Crown Race Gears are stronger, tougher, and more efficient than other racing gears available today and making them the top choice for diesel drag trucks and work trucks alike.

Crown Race Gear Specs

Mud Truck Gears

  • Heat treated for toughness to absorb shock loads.
  • REM-ISF finished for reduced friction and heat.
  • 5-cut gear geometry to prevent tooth pitting.
  • Two stage shot peened for micro-fracture prevention.
  • Cryogenically treated for improved toughness and durability.
  • Ideal case hardness transition for maximum life.
  • Backed by a lifetime non-race warranty.
  • 5-year renewable race warranty.

Drag Racing Gear Options

  • Readily available for Dana 60 and GM 14 Bolt axles.
  • AAM 11.5", Ford 10.5", and other gears available by special order.
  • Ring gear backside REM ISF finished for use with load bolts.
  • Have Crown Race Gears treat your gears.